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Quality Assurance

We Provide a safe and reliable service to all care homes.

Over the years, Chemistree has focussed on ensuring that each care home we work with gets a consistently high quality service.

Batch Labels:

Each and every blister of medication that we produce from our pharmacies is labelled with a ‘batch label’.

For decades, care homes have been receiving medication in MDS type systems with a simple pharmacy label on the front as this was always thought to be sufficient! Whilst this is correct from a legal standpoint, we at Chemistree believe it is still inadequate.

If you were to go into your high street chemist and receive your medication in a clear plastic blister, without the manufacturers original packaging, without the product information leaflet and without the original foil blister, would you be happy? 

Each blister tray has a batch label which clearly states the:

-Name, strength, and form of the drug

-Expiry date of the drug

-Batch number as printed on the original packaging of the drug

In the event of a recall, we are able to advise homes of the drug and organise for immediate collection and replacement.

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