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Free Pharmacy Advice Forms

One way Chemistree has created change is to introduce Pharmacy Advice Forms (PAFs) to ensure quality of patient care is upheld according to standard 9 of CQC guidelines.

Chemistree pharmacists screen every single care home prescription received and are able to offer information to carers to ensure the medication is administered in the safest and most effective manner.

Our pharmacists will complete a PAF when there is scope for:

 -Improving clinical outcomes for patients

 -Maximising patient benefit from prescribed medication regimen

 -Ensuring safest and effective administration of medicines (by carers)

 -Reducing avoidable side effects or clinical interactions

 -Reducing the number of emergency attendances and hospital admissions from care homes

Supplementary prescribing advice is then passed onto GPs with a corresponding cost schedule for the doctor to act upon and updates the patient's medication records. This will help the CQC inspection to demonstrate quality of care standard 9.

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