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About Us

From a standing start and humble beginnings in 2002, Chemistree Retail has developed into a retail group of 10 stores around Greater London and surrounding parts with an enviable reputation for excellence in patient care.

Chemistree`s Pharmacy Team were tasked from the beginning with setting the bar high in the local area with Free of Charge patient focussed services. These services were funded internally irrespective of whether local PCT funding was available or not.

Having tested many thousands of Patients with a comprehensive series of health screening services comprising of Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol tests - Chemistree has identified many hundreds of patients who have walked into our pharmacy often asymptomatically with either previously undiagnosed hypertension, diabetes &/or cholesterol.

Our Pharmacy Team have received many notes of thanks from delighted patients who have subsequently been referred to their GPs to have the tests results confirmed and are then put on medication to help manage their newly diagnosed condition.



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